1. This must be the place

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  2. Sean Penn and Paolo Sorrentino on-set of This Must Be The Place (2011)

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  3. Chico y rita

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  4. Chico y rita 

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  6. Jack White

     ”High Ball Stepper”

  7. griseus:

    A really cute Elephant Beetle Megasoma elephas posing for the camera

    (photo by Lyn Gateley from Silicon Valley, CA, USA)

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  9. vicemag:

    Garry Winogrand’s American Epic

    Winogrand was a photographer of people, from rodeo performers in Texas to socialites in Manhattan to the regulars at Venice Beach. Humanity—or perhaps American humanity—in all its iterations and range of expression, was his subject matter.

  10. Se llamaba “Pequeño”